Let’s kick out cyberbullies

Please only follow my real accounts on Facebook (OfficialRahama), Twitter(Rahma_sadau), Instagram (@rahamasadau)and snapchat (Rahma_sadau). I also have a blog(rahmasadaublog.wordpress.com). I have no other accounts. Disregard all other accounts claiming to be me.

#Cybertrolls are very real! While a few are genuine people who wish you well, the majority setup fake accounts to post damaging or embarrassing material. They often think that they are untraceable and they will get away with it. However, they leave online footprints and can now be identified even when they use false details. And some countries are looking to make it a criminal offence.


Its fantastic that the likes of Instagram and twitter let you report such accounts, but we don’t utilise this function enough. Some of us don’t even realise we can do so and get these accounts removed permanently. If someone is pretending to be someone else please report it!! Cyberbullying is cowardly and can cause lasting damage, pushing some to the limit. Please use social media positively and responsibly, to promote good, to encourage eachother. Do not use it in a negative way to demoralise, degrade, destroy and bring people down. Don’t promote hate. Lets make the world a nicer place to live. Be kind or say nothing at all. Just be you!!! 🚫🛇❌❎#cyberbullying #letsputAStopToIt #itsmean #cowards #stopImpersonating #BekindOrKeepQuiet #RahamaSadau 💫


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  1. In sha Allah my deedee #ahmadmusadanja

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