Help us to help those less fortunate than ourselves

We all have that one thing we are passionate about. Some of us have a passion for shoes, jewelry and other material things…some of us have a love for books…others of us are what we refer to as foodies…i am all of the above. I am a girlie girl and I love all the finer things in life..then there’s the other side of me, another me that people rarely get to meet…the me who breaks down in tears when I drive past a 12 year old girl at the traffic lights in the hot sun desperately trying to sell the goods her parentsĀ  sent her out with before the end of the day; the me who lies awake at night wondering if that twelve year old girl i drove past earlier that day was able to raise enough funds from the sale of her goods to feed her mother, father and 10 siblings. It is this other me who wonders why that 12 year old girl isnt sitting in a classroom learning how to read and write…It is this other me who wonders what can i do to help this little girl, how can i get her into school? It is this other me who drives me to try and do good for those less fortunate than myself. It is this other me who moved me to try and give such people a #RayOfHope.. Ray of Hope Foundation was born out of my passion to serve as an instrument of hope to the hopeless, a mentor to the youths, and to be a role model to those looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. Follow @RayOfHopeNG on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the foundations projects and activities. Come out and support us where possible. Help us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. I am #RahamaSadau and I stand for a difference. #LetsGetItDone

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