Indywood Film Carnival 2016

According to all the promotional material I received, “Indywood Film Carnival is the ultimate film carnival in the world which celebrates the very best of world cinema, at the orld’s largest integrated film studio, Ramoji Films.”

So when I received an invitation to attend this year’s film carnival, I welcomed the oppkrtunity. The film carnival attracts more than 2000 delegates and 20,000 foot falls from over 100 Countries.

Film industry professional and business heads, film Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Film Journalist, Media Experts, Industry aspirants and thousands of film enthusiasts from all round the globe are attending.

We were welcomed with a remarkable Red Carpet opening night.

Exploring regional cinema industry Indywood Carnival brings together the states cultural and diverse forms of aesthetic content all under one single roof.

This Carnival brings together so many people who share the same passion all together in one place – celebrate culture.

It has been known to give opportunities to film celebrities across the world to join the Indywood film market as well as to explore the world film market.

I have already met with a number of industry executives and had the opportunity to network with world renowned film makers and distribution companies.

India is one of biggest film producing country, with more than 15 film industries region wise. The Telugu Film industry is placed first in India interms of films produced yearly much ahead of the rest, including Bollywood.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad the venue of the Indywood film carnival holds the guinness book of record for the largest film production facility in the world, and also the most attended cinema screen in the world

Telugu Film Industry is the only Indian film industry to hold a memorandum of understanding with the motion picture association of America to combat video piracy, Hyderabad the capital of telengana has the highest all time grossing movie and the newest state of India (Formed 2014) is one of the most film friendly and the fastest growing cities in the country.

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