My quick guide to radiant, clear skin

I always get asked this same question – “Rahama how do you keep your skin clear and free from pimples?”.

And of course I am always flattered by this and I just want to say a huge thank you for the compliments. But honestly, I thank God that I’ve always been lucky to have skin that doesn’t cause me much headache. However, to maintain it, i have had to adopt certain habits, which i practice day in, day out to keep my skin looking radiant and breakouts to a minimum.


Your face is like a billboard.And first impressions are very important. Unfortunately we live in a society where people are so concerned about how they look on the outside, they neglect to nurture what is on the inside. For me personally, what is inside is just as important as what is on the outside. I strive to ensure that my heart and my face speak the same language.

Here are my top tips to radiant, clear skin:

– Simplicity is key. I always keep my skincare routine simple. I have found what works for me and I have stuck with it. I have come to realise that consistency is also very important I do not experiment on my face, because it’s a heavy price to pay if that backfires. And by keeping it simple, I never feel too lazy to skip my routine.

– Cleansing is key. I wash my face regularly. Given the nature of my job, I use a lot of makeup on a daily basis.


I always ensure i reamove all the makeup especially at night. This allows my skin to breathe and regenrate as I sleep.

– Moisturising is key. I am also exposed to all the different elements. Sometimes we are shooting outside under the hot sun. Other times I spend days and days indoors.


I ensure I use products that lock in moisture. This protects my skin, as well as allows my skin to breathe.

– Healthy eating is key.To maintain beautiful and radiant skin, you have to nourish your body with a good balance of food to allow the right nutrients to reach where you need them the most and to encourage replacement of skin cells.


Not to say that my eating habits are spectacular – far from it!  As I am always on the move and I often just have to grab whatever i can get my hands on to fill the void in my stomach. Sometimes I work such long hours and eat at odd times. However, whenever possible I try to make healthy food choices. Certain food groups play a key role in reducing breakouts and improving oil-balance on the face.

– Hydration is key. Drink! Drink! Drink!! Water is probably the single, most important part of my skin care routine. It is essential to drink plenty of fluids to purify and flush my system.


I truly believe water gives you that natural glow and keeps the skin looking fresh and plump. So make sure you drink plenty of it.

So there you have it. Secrets to clearer, more radiant skin


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  1. Aminu Aliyu Tukur says:

    Wow! That’s beautiful keep it up R.M sadau

  2. Aminu Aliyu Tukur says:

    Wow! That’s beautiful keep it up R.M sadau . Cheers

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