My Fashion And Style Q&A

I was recently asked a whole host of questions regarding my fashion and style. Here is some of what I had to say in that interview..

What/ who influences your fashion choices? Well, your fashion should never influence. You should influence your style! A style should be an honest outward expression of your true inner nature. If your body is a temple, then putting together an outfit is like constructing the wearable architecture of a personal sacred space. It keeps you in the zone and keeps your skin in direct contact with your inner powers like an energy loop. The moment someone’s fashion starts influencing, you must destroy it and start a new one.

What do you think your fashion choices and your personal style say about you? I don’t have a style but I try to buy what is flattering for my body shape. I’m not big on following fashion trends – I just know what suits me.

What is your fashion and beauty secret? Now that’s for me to know and for you to find out!!! A lady never reveals such secrets!!!

Complete the sentence. When I get dressed in the morning I think… Im on top of the world. I always think you should start your day as you mean to go. I always start on a good note in the hope that it is a good footing for the rest of my day.

Complete the sentence. The item of clothing I wear most often is… Native attire. I like wearing traditional clothes.

Complete the sentence. My favourite “Proudly Nigerian” designer is… Kathyanthony in Abuja.

Complete the sentence. I would never be caught dead wearing… A yellow coloured dress. I am not keen on the colour yellow.

Complete the sentence. My favorite fashion trend at the moment is…Art of Kaftan.

So now you know!!!

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  1. hajara isah says:

    well I got inspired also by reading this and thanks for the knowledge.thumbs up

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